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Who We Are

Ekal is a story of the people who dreamt, who accepted it with strong belief and the people who played the role of executioners.

The story of Ekal is embedded deep in the history formatting different layers. New intellectuals endowed with social dream unleashed the first layer. Late Dr. Rakesh Popli (Indian Nuclear Physicist), Dr. Rajneesh Arora, Dr. Mahesh Sharma from IIT and Mr. Ashok Bhagat from BHU visited Bishunpur in Gumla district (presently in Jharkhand) in the year 1983 and conducted a situational analysis of these tribal areas. Their study identified Education, Health Care, Poverty and Skill Development as the key issues to be addressed to develop the tribal areas. Dr. Rakesh Popli and Dr. Rajneesh Arora did some initial work on education models for the rural and tribal communication, which laid the foundation of experiment of One Teacher Schools.

Real Goals. Real Results

Shikshit Gaon

Every child must get a primary basic educatio so as to further teach their family members. With our revolutionary initiative towards tribal & rural education, no villager uses thumb impression now a days.

Swastha Gaon

Our well educated team of teachers teach all the villagers about most of preventive healthcare, well being and hygiene. Children are given the vaccination. Our trained Arogya Sevika serves in the village.

Swawlambi Gaon

The motto is “Har Hath ko Kam, Har Khet ko Pani”. We encourage organic farming to provide chemical free food and profitable farming. We reduce migration to other different  cities.

Jagruk Gaon

Our motto is defined as  “Jagruk Matdata – Shikshit Gaon”. We also promote the functional, authentic and effective Gram Sabha practice duties as well as avail premier privileges of government welfare schemes for the well being of tribal people.

Nasha Mukt Gaon

We promote Liquor free villages. No Ganjha, and Charas to be allowed in the village, provincial as well as tribal areas. We encourage planting Tulsi as a symbol of liquor free house to welcome joy.

Samras Gaon

We promote social harmony among village community. Our motto is to eradicate the untouchability as well as casteism. We also encourage community participation as well as betterment of tribal areas.

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Wanna be
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एकल भजन संध्या

29 मई 2021


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सर्वे भवन्ति सुखिन

23 मई 2021


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एकल सन्देश (अप्रैल से जून 2023)

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एकल संदेश (अप्रैल - जून 2023)

एकल संदेश (अप्रैल - जून 2023)

एकल संदेश (जुलाई - सितम्बर 2023)

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एकल संदेश (जुलाई - सितम्बर 2023)

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